5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Attorney

1. How long has the attorney been in practice?

When hiring an attorney, nothing matters more than experience. Vincent Schindeler has been practicing law since 1994, and has litigated hundreds of cases.

2. Does the attorney have experience in this particular area of law?

There are many different areas of practice, each with different laws and rules. Just because someone practices law does not mean that they qualify to competently handle your particular problem. Ask the lawyer about his/her experience with your type of case.

3. Has the attorney ever been the subject of a disciplinary action by the Florida Bar?

Florida attorneys are required to comply with rules regarding their conduct. Failure to comply with these rules can lead to disciplinary conduct by the Florida Bar. Ask your attorney whether or not they have ever been the subject of disciplinary conduct by the Florida Bar, or if they have ever been suspended from practicing law. Vincent Schindeler is a member in good standing with the Florida bar, and has never been the subject of any discipline or suspension.

4. Where did the attorney go to law school?

Vincent Schindeler graduated “cum laude” from Stetson University College of Law – Florida’s first law school. Stetson is well known for its trial team, which is consistently ranked near the top of the nation.

5. How will the billing and fees be calculated?

Attorneys handle different legal matters under vastly different fee structures.. Lawyers handle some cases on a contingency fee basis, whereby the client does not pay any fees unless the attorney collects money at the end of a case. Other cases are handled based upon an hourly rate. Make sure you have a clear understanding of how your attorney handles your case.

Understand whether you will have to pay fees in advance, or whether the lawyer collects the fees at the end of the case.

Vincent Schindeler has handled cases on both an hourly and contingency basis. We will discuss the best option for you, depending on the type of case.