Aircraft Trusts/Voting Trusts

Aircraft Trusts allow non-citizen clients to keep their aircraft registered with the FAA. N-Registration of aircraft on the FAA Registry is permitted only for U.S. citizens. We help our domestic and international clients with all aspects of their aircraft purchase and sale transactions. Aircraft Trusts and Voting Trusts enable our non-US citizen client to “N” register their aircraft with the FAA.

When using an Aircraft Trust, a trustee corporation holds the title to the aircraft. Aircraft Trustee Services, Inc. holds the title solely as trustee. Aircraft Trustee Services, Inc. then enters into a Trust Agreement with the client.

When creating a Voting Trust, a Delaware corporation established specifically for the client holds the title; however, the shares of stock are held by an independent Voting Trustee. The Voting Trustee then issues a certificate of beneficial ownership to the true owner. The client and the Voting Trustee enter into a Voting Trust Agreement which therefore, establishes the relationship of the parties.

Aircraft Litigation Attorney in Boca Raton

Disputes often arise in the aviation industry. Due to his unique position as a litigation attorney who also maintains an aviation practice, Aircraft Attorney in Boca Raton, Vincent Schindeler, has the experience necessary to assist you if you need legal advice in the aviation field. Whether you are a repair facility who needs to collect from a client, or a Buyer in an Aircraft Purchase Agreement fighting for return of your deposit, we can assist you with aggressive and experienced representation.

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Aircraft Trusts/Voting Trusts

Aircraft Trusts and Voting Trusts are specifically approved by the FAA. Whether using an Aircraft Trust or a Voting Trust, our clients retain full operational control of the aircraft pursuant to executed FAA recorded operating agreements.

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