Breach of Contract Litigation

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To prove a claim for Breach of Contract, the Plaintiff must show:

(1) the existence of a contract between the parties;

(2) the terms of the contract between the parties. This includes a valid offer, acceptance, and consideration;

(3) that the Plaintiff complied with its obligations under the contract;

(4) that the Defendant failed to comply with its obligations under the contract; and,

(5) that the Plaintiff suffered damages as a result of Defendant’s failure to comply.

Breach of Contract claims are a primary aspect of the firm’s practice. Breach of Contract Litigation Attorney, Vincent Schindeler, has effectively litigated hundreds of contract disputes, on behalf of both Plaintiffs and Defendants. Some of the contracts litigated include:

Need Breach of Contract Litigation Assistance?

Whether you need to enforce your rights under a contract as a Plaintiff, or you have been served with a lawsuit naming you as a Defendant, Mr. Schindeler, Breach of Contract Litigation Attorney, has the experience and resources necessary to effectively represent you in court.

Mr. Schindeler provides assistance and advice in advance of a problem in an effort to prevent a breach of contract from occurring. However, if a situation cannot be resolved, Mr. Schindeler has the knowledge and experience necessary to zealously represent you in court.

If you are a party to a contract and require the assistance of an attorney to enforce or protect your rights under the agreement in Broward or Palm Beach County, please call the law office of Vincent E. Schindeler, P.A. at (954) 522-8686. Let us put our experience to work for you.

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