Business & Commercial Litigation Attorney

Commercial Litigation includes a large variety of cases. Generally, “Commercial Litigation” claims involve a contract issue between businesses. However, individual claims against businesses may also be considered to be “Commercial Litigation.” Business & Commercial Litigation Attorney, Vincent Schindeler, has successfully represented individuals, and large and small businesses, in hundreds of commercial litigation claims, including:

Need Legal Assistance in Business & Commercial Litigation?

Mr. Schindeler has represented both Plaintiffs and Defendants. Let us assist you in enforcing your rights, or in defending yourself in a lawsuit.

Our clients include individuals, small to medium local and national businesses, and publicly traded corporations. Unfortunately, in today’s business world, at some point in time, you will likely require the assistance of an attorney. We provide ethical, experienced assistance when you are forced to navigate the complex world of commercial litigation.

Mr. Schindeler will provide you with assistance and advice in advance of a problem in an effort to prevent a problem from arising. However, if a situation cannot be resolved, Mr. Schindeler has the knowledge and experience necessary to zealously represent you in court.

To learn more about our business and commercial litigation practice, please call the Law Office of Vincent E. Schindeler, P.A. at (954) 522-8686.

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