Non-Compete Agreements

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Non-Compete Agreements prevent an employee (or independent contractor) from competing with his or her former employer for a fixed period of time after the employment relationship has ended. Florida law allows the use of Non-Competition Agreements. However, not every Non-Competition Agreement will withstand judicial scrutiny. Therefore, it is in both the Employer’s and the Employee’s best interest to discuss any Non-Compete Agreement with an attorney before it is signed.

Attorney Vincent Schindeler can assist you in drafting or negotiating an enforceable Non-Compete Agreement. Attorney Vincent Schindeler has successfully represented both employers and employees in Non-Competition lawsuits and claims. If you need assistance in reviewing or drafting a Non-Compete Agreement, or if you need an attorney to litigate a Non-Competition Agreement in Broward or Palm Beach County, please call the Law Office of Vincent E. Schindeler, P.A. at (954) 522-8686.

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