Purchase and Sale Agreements

Two businessmen standing and shaking hands in office

A well-drafted Purchase and Sale Agreement is essential to protect your interests if you are buying or selling a business, an aircraft, or any other thing of value. The Purchase and Sale Agreement should cover all of the essential items, including, but not limited to price, warranties of each party, remedies upon breach, and conditions of sale. Many disputes between the parties can be avoided by using a well-drafted agreement, which clearly defines each party’s obligations. Many people simply rely upon generic forms that they find on the internet, or they fail to obtain counsel to review an agreement drafted by the other side. This is a mistake that often leads to problems later.

If you need a Purchase and Sale Agreement drafted or litigated, contact the Law Office of Vincent E. Schindeler, P.A., who can provide you with seasoned advice and the experience necessary to protect your rights.

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